A downloadable game for Windows

A top down shooter about Bull, the crackshot detective shark.


IGMC 2018.zip 23 MB


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I hope you don't mind but I did a video over your game, IT WAS GREAT! The controls were fluid and really easy, aiming felt smooth and oh so right. Landing a shot on an enemy was quiet rewarding and pairing that with the lunge feature made this game an absolute blast to play. The only issue I came across while playing was the spawn for some the the enemies, they kinda came up fast for me.  i'm not sure if I will return for another play through during recording but this is a game i'm going to keep around for a while. 10/10 Cant wait till see what else you do.

Hey Captain! Thanks for checking out our game and making a video! Yeah, I can hear your issue on enemy spacing, will definitely keep that in mind.!